website SCAN

make your website stand out & in line with your branding


You spend hours and hours building your new website.

You added photos and text to make it completely matching your business and branding, but..

... you forgot to have someone go through your website objectively to see if your buttons make sense

and do what they have to do.


Over the years I scanned a lot of websites. Asked and unasked. ;-)

I love to see what you created and I find it a pity if there are still errors that can easily be fixed.


With a website scan I will scan your website on the following points:

 - look & feel

- consistency with your brand styling

- functionality

- menu options

- use of fonts & photos

- contact options


You will receive a summary of your website scan in the mail, together with my recommendations.

You can check off the points you want to adjust.




 € 249*




I can also offer you an editing service for your website text.

You send me the text of your website in Word.

I will email you the estimated hours I need to go through your website text.


For English or Dutch text the price is

€ 45 per hour* 


* Prices are exclusive of VAT if applicable