mentoring for creative FEMALE entrepreneurs

You carefully develop your craft over a long period of time so that it's exactly right for your purpose

 Let your work do the work for you! Be brilliant at what you do!

One of the ways you can transform your ordinary day into extraordinary is to master your craft.

By thinking of yourself as a craftsman, you can think of your work as your art.

By immersing yourself in your work, you become fully engaged.

 ... As you improve your art, you grow your ability.

Mentoring program for creative female entrepreneurs



You feel that you want to be more visible with your craft, run your creative business efficiently and productively,

and make a good turnover, but as simple as it sounds, you can't do it.


You may feel as though you're being bombarded with the next quick fix to scale your business or shortcut to financial success.

There's pressure to be all things to all people, instead of focusing on your passions and what you can be really exemplary at.

You are doing too many things that distract you from your goals. You allow yourself to be influenced and guided too much by things called out by others, and you think you need all of this to stay afloat in your market.

this program is for you...

... if you are a creative of handcrafted designs, with a good turnover, but you feel that there is so much more in you and your business.


... if you can make decisions quickly but intuitively, and you take responsibility to get started with full dedication.


... if you're looking for a mentor who is sincere, critical, and experienced. Someone who sees you and your craft,

brings out your potential and passion, and keeps you focused.  

the program

This program gives you guidance & clarity to hone your craft as a creative entrepreneur.

You're going to look at your own craft, and discover how you can hone it and completely align it with who you are as a creative,

and what it can bring to your business.


The program is two months and can be in English or Dutch.


In this program we'll dive into the following topics:



You carefully develop your craft over a long period of time so that is exactly right for your purpose.



Keep on learning and developing as an artist in your own unique way.

Let your audience see that you're the expert in your craft and that you master it in an authentic way. 



When you hone and own a clear, unique and distinctive creative style, it’s easy for your ideal clients to spot your work and it’s almost impossible for them to work with anyone else. Polish your process, deliver exceptional work and focus on thrilling your clients. 



Your work needs to inspire you and your clients. When you clearly understand who your ideal client is, what motivates them to work with you and what they’ll value about what you do, it’s easy to connect and communicate with them.

You don’t need to be all things to all people, you just need to be irresistible to your ideal client.

And when you own your spot in the market that differentiates you from your competition,

it’s easy for others to recommend you to the right clients.



Your price needs to reflect the value that your work adds. It needs to reflect the work, expertise and experience you bring.

It needs to reflect what the market will bear and it needs to always deliver value for money.

Don't get caught up in hiking prices to create 'credibility' and having to rush.



A well presented, beautifully curated portfolio on your website or social media, builds confidence in your craft.

 It showcases your creativity and gives your ideal clients the reassurance that you can deliver what they are looking for. 

your investment

 € 2497 | $ 2629 | £ 2105

Prices are exclusive of VAT if applicable

It's possible to pay in installments, please send me an email

kind words

My journey with Sabrine was one that brought me back to my base, to my essence, my craft. Everything made me feel that my business was ready for the next level, but my current way of working didn't feel right, not in line with myself. Besides the practical tools that Sabrine has given me, she is able to give words to the future version of yourself and your creative business.

Insanely throbbing and spot on! She also let me focus on what my strengths are and how I can use them for my business.

I now trust on them and see the future of my craft business with so much more confidence.

Thank you, Sabrine!

– Susanne, ceramist –



Sabrine has helped me to set up my company completely differently.

She is a super nice and inspiring mentor, who not only thinks along with you on a conceptual level,

but is also very strong in honing your craft, make your craft visible, and tell your brand story in an authentic way.

Without Sabrine, I'm sure I would have put off my plans to elevate my creative business even longer.

Dear Sabrine, thank you for all your help!

– Catherine, jewelry designer –

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Mentor for creative female entrepreneurs

Hi, I'm a mentor for creative female entrepreneurs, and I help you to nurture your creativity, hone your craft and strive for excellence for your ideal client, in an authentic way.


Since I've started back in 2003, I've read a lot of books, followed many courses and master classes on running my creative business.


I took the best of each book, course and master class, and incorporated it into my own creative business. Details that best fitted my authenticity and creativity.


With this gained knowledge and these skills I want to help you elevate your creative business.