about peony

Hi, I am Sabrine, designer and creative at Studio PEONY and passionate about crafting beautiful, bespoke and heirloom boxes and folios to make your product or service stand out from the crowd.


It's fantastic to see how a handcrafted product matches the branding and corporate identity of a client.


I started the studio in 2003 after several courses of boxmaking and since then I loved every product I made with my hands! I live near the beach with my husband, two sons and little red cat.


Let me tell you a little bit about the process. The base of the products is cardboard sheets.

The sheets are cut to size and then assembled. 

The products can be covered with beautiful delicate linen or soft velvet and personalised with your logo in foil press, printed on vellum or on linen.


Every product is unique, original and completely handcrafted!


The products are made with respect for our environment: I work with FSC-certified suppliers, use water-based glue, separate waste and recycle materials and packages.


A lot of packages leave the studio, so that's why I contribute to planting trees every year to reduce the 'carbon footprint' and increase the sustainability of the studio.


Besides making products, I enjoy helping other creative female entrepreneurs of handcrafted products & services with their business.

In recent years I have regularly come across questions and difficulties of being a creative entrepreneur of handcrafted products and I missed information and a platform for exchanging knowledge.


So that's why I started the PEONY Academy for Creative Female Entrepreneurs.

With this academy I know I can help you with your creative business!