box for flatlay styling Stationery

capturing your stationery


 This box is for photographing your beautiful stationery

A beautiful handmade box that can be personalized with several props (items) to capture these details to perfection!

The box can of course be supplemented with your own props


box size: 25,0 x 30,0 x 7,0 cm | 12.2 x 10.0 x 2.76"

the box can have a magnetic closure, a ribbon closure, a fitted lid or shoebox style closure

the box is covered with colored linen or velvet and can be personalized with your name


What's included in the box?

a handcrafted ring box [matching the color palette of your box]

a handcrafted box with loose fitted lid [matching the color palette of your box]

a bowl of crystal glass

two vintage dishes [matching the color palette of your box]

a Capiz Camar shell

a sheet of handmade papier with gold foil details

two colors of silk ribbon [size 2,5 cm | 1,0"] [matching the color palette of your box]

transparant wax for upright shooting of details [box with 5 sticks, reusable]

four little wooden blocks & four sponges to uplift your stationery

a small golden colored bird scissor

a wax stamp & two wax sticks [matching the color palette of your box]

five vintage stamps [matching the color palette of your box]

French linen thread

a calligraphy pen with nibs


Studio PEONY Design services exclusively to professionals.

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