BOX for photos

bespoke photo packaging to match your brand

Match your photo presentation packaging to your branding and creative style!

 Choose from a few core designs folio boxes to put together your unique packaging for the presentation of your particular style of photography.

PEONY can make your packaging exactly how you like it.


You can choose the type of box, the height of the compartment for the photos, the colour and type of covering and the colour of the ribbons and embellishments.


Beautiful packaging for your photos.

The box can be covered with beautiful delicate linen or soft velvet and personalised with your logo in foil press.



5 boxes

FROM € 137

10 Boxes

FROM € 274

15 boxes

FROM € 411

 * Prices are exclusive of VAT, additional embellishments & shipping costs

fine art prints to go with the boxes

When you order fine art prints with your boxes, you receive a discount on the prints of 10%!