Mentoring support program

for creative female entrepreneurs


[in english & dutch]

Mentoring Program for Creative Female Entrepreneurs


this program is for you...

... if you are a creative female entrepreneur of handcrafted products and sometimes struggle how to manage your business.

You spend your time making products but also have to do your marketing, social media and want to expand your product line.

From my experience I know that it can be difficult and challenging!


 So identify your greatest needs and goals.

I will provide you with support and my own experience as a creative entrepreneur of handcrafted products to determine action steps to execute your goals for managing and growing your business. I will tell you the journey of my business over the past years and which systems and tools I use in my creative business. I am committed to sustainable entrepreneurship, so I will talk about that too. Perhaps it also can be something for your business.

You can be in any stage of creative business, so a startup or a few years on the way.


Besides your own needs and goals, the program is build around a few topics: 


- The groundwork of your business

- The purpose of your business

- The foundation of your business

- Your goals and intentions

- The branding of your business

- Positioning yourself as an expert

- Promote your business

- Grow your business


what do you get with this program?

 When you enter the 3 months mentoring program you get the following:

- a questionnaire to determine your needs and goals for your business [in English or Dutch]

- an online session to start the program [in English or Dutch]

- two online sessions per month to talk about your needs and goals

- a report per session and some homework for the next session

- an online session after the program

- a lifetime possibility to contact me if you are dealing with a business problem and need my advice or support


when does the program start?

You can start at any time.

You can apply now to secure your place and a spot in my agenda.

If you want to enter, don't wait too long, because I have only a few spots a year! 


how can you apply?

If you want to enter the program, please fill in the form below.

 Based on your answers I can dertermine how I think I can fit in with your creative business.

 I will respond within 2-3 days to your application.  


what is your investment?

€ 1557*


* Prices are exclusive of VAT

** If you want to pay in terms, please send me an email