box making & bookbinding courses

COURSES how to make your own box, book or folio

These online courses are for you if you want to learn how to make your own box, book or folio.


The course consists of

- an instruction book with pictures and instructions of all the steps (English or Dutch, pdf & print)

- instruction videos

- support & feedback via email

(if you like a live support or feedback via Zoom, you'll pay € 75 per hour)


No previous boxmaking or bookmaking experience necessary.


The price of a course

€ 169


The courses don't include a printed book, materials & tools.

There's a list in the instruction book with the matrials and tools you need per course,

but you can purchase them with your course.


Printed book:

€ 10


The materials:

cut to size grayboard, linen, and book screws (optional) (in the color you prefer).

€ 25


The tools:

glue, tray & roller, brush, 3 metal rulers, bone folder, 3 stanley knifes & blades, and tapes

The tools come in a beautiful cotton bag.

€ 45





If you like to learn how to make a box and a book, or a box and a folio, or all three designs, you'll receive a discount.


Two courses

If you want to follow two courses, you'll receive a discount of 10%.

The price of this bundle

€ 304,20


Three courses

If you want to follow all three courses, you'll receive a discount of 15%.

The price of this bundle

€ 430,95


With three courses you'll also receive:

free tools in a beautiful cotton bag

one hour live meeting via Zoom to review your work,

and give you feedback and tips

15% discount on a master class to make a box, book or folio together,

live via Zoom or in my studio, to improve and refine your skills 

you can choose from the following courses

box with fitted lid

Launched October 10


Launch November 11

book with book screws

Launch December 12

Below you see a page of the instruction book for a box with fitted lid.

Each step with a photo and a few instructions.

The book is complementary to the instruction videos.

The book is available in English and Dutch.

If you wish, you can order a printed version with your course.



Prices are exclusive of VAT if applicable & shipping costs

It's possible to pay in two installments without additional costs

Please use the currency converter so see the price in your own currency

Thank you for your interest in my studio!

I design and make all products by hand with traditional techniques and with attention to detail. The finest quality boxes, books & folios for packaging and presentation of your product or service.

I work for photographers, calligraphers & stationery designs, wedding planners and other creative brands.

All products are made with love for our planet: I work with FSC-certified suppliers, use water-based glue, separate waste and recycle materials and packages. A lot of packages leave the studio, so that's why I contribute to planting trees every year to reduce the 'carbon footprint' and increase the sustainability of the studio.

If you have a question about my work, or if you want my advice for a custom design, please send me a message!