COURSES bookbinding


These online courses are for you, if you want to learn how to make your own book or folio.

You can take these courses if you want to add box making or bookbinding to your current offerings as a calligrapher & stationery designer, wedding planner, photographer or other creative professional. Or if you just want to start learning a new hobby.

I guide you step by step in making these handcrafted designs.

By the end of the course, you can make more designs on your own and dazzle your clients, family and friends!


an example of an instruction video of the course box with fitted lid

You can click on the YouTube logo to watch the video on my channel on YouTube.

an example of a page from the INSTRUCTION book box with fitted lid

course FOLIO



In this course you will make a book or folio live with me on Zoom.

On Zoom you can follow what I do by means of a camera that is placed above my work table.

You can ask me questions and I can show you exactly what I do.


ONE TO ONE master Classes bookbinding

In these master classes you can decide what we're going to make.

The classes are to help you get more skills in bookbinding.

You can choose any design from my website.


I love to teach you my beautiful craft

Working with your hands gives you peace and fills your heart with joy

Let's embrace that


Hi! I started Studio Peony Design in 2003. I always wanted to do something creative, but I spent a long time searching for what kind of creativity, until I went to a ‘box making’ workshop. Since then I have been designing and making boxes, books and other grayboard products by hand. In my studio I design all the products myself: my own designs and custom products. I love a challenge, so I like it when clients have their own ideas. We’ll discuss these and then I’ll see if it’s possible, technically. These assignments are the most fun!


The base of my products is grayboard sheets. I cut this board to size and then assemble it. I then line the products with linen or velvet and personalize them with printed text or foil printing. In this way I can design everything myself and I’m not limited by a standard size. This means that every product is unique and original and completely handmade!


I work with FSC certified grayboard and paper, linen made from natural fibres, water based glue and I try to recycle as much waste and packages as possible. I also separate the paper waste. I feel it’s important to contribute to the environment in a positive way with my studio and not to overburden it. I also buy a lot of products from Dutch suppliers in order to support them.


I love to teach you my beautiful craft!