brand design

Bring out the personality in your brand with flair and intention


Brand design is about bringing out the personality in your brand with flair and intention.

It's about telling a story, evoking the senses and captivating your clients.


Brand design is the art of using type, color, pattern, illustration and texture to communicate a carefully considered and highly intentional message.


It's more than just creating a logo. A well designed brand identity pulls together typefaces with just the right character; colors that resonate and communicate your brand values; patterns that add depth and flair and illustrative elements that bring personality and style.


I will find the clarity in your message, help you define your space in the market and look at the value you offering with your brand.


I would love to bring your work to life in your brand design and create a logo with complementary elements

that let your work stand out from the crowd!


Especially in combination with a handcrafted elegant packaging to WOW your clients when they receive your service or product!

I can design and make the packaging completely in line with your color palette, logo and other brand elements!

Designed with all the details, unique and exclusive for your brand! 

The brand design process



Before I start with your design, I ask you a few questions to clarify your dreams and vision for your brand’s visual identity. This stage builds the strong foundation I need to create a brand that properly appeals to your clients and expresses your vision.



We evaluate all the information on a brand strategy kickoff call, and I'll present one or two visual directions I think to be the best fit based on the discovery stage. On this call, we talk through all-things direction and messaging.



After we talked about your brand’s visual direction, I start with designing. This is the stage where we really get to make magic with the foundations we laid. I explore everything from logos, color palette, fonts here. In this stage we get on multiple design sessions to review and refine concepts.



Time to wrap everything up! Once I've completed your brand design, I compile everything into a comprehensive brand guidebook and mood board. Your brand guidebook gives a full overview of your brand and its usage guidelines, so that you can stay on track as you grow.

What's included in your custom design?

 clarity on your brand direction & brand values

a brand design questionnaire

a brand strategy call

a brand styling guide on how to use your brand

primary logo & alternative logos

font recommendation

brand color palette

design mood board

stationery design [business card]

handcrafted packaging [optional]



6-8 weeks


Send me a message if you’re interested to see what I can do for your brand.  

Brand design and logo design for Caroline Smith



Brand Styling and Logo Design for The Flower Boutique