Box making or Cartonnage - A little bit of history
30 August 2021
In the middle of the 19th century, Ferdinand Revoul from Vaucluse developed a box designed to transport silkworm eggs imported from China and Japan. These boxes allowed air to pass through thanks to small holes in the bottom and the lid. It was an ingenious system that marked the beginning of the whole packaging industry in Valréas.

More than just packaging solutions
24 March 2021
Do you agree that the memories you make should be presented and preserved for the future in the most elegant and heirloom way?

Why the boxes from Tiffany are so iconic
07 August 2020
'Tiffany Blue' has been the brand’s identifying color since 1845, and is the colloquial name for the light robin-egg blue associated with the company created by Charles Tiffany and John Young in 1837. The color was chosen by Tiffany for the cover of their Blue Book, first published in 1845, which documented some of the world’s most precious and rare stones — including diamonds obtained from French and Spanish aristocracy. Since then, Tiffany & Co. have used the color extensively on...

5 Tips how Bespoke Packaging will add Value to your Work
07 August 2020
A bespoke packaging… … pave the way for memorable unboxing moments … create an excellent first impression of your brand … communicate your ethos and value proposition … encourage customers to talk up your brand and products ...all of which can ultimately lead to stronger customer relationships, higher levels of engagement, and more sales. TIP 1. CREATE A GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION Packaging allows your work or service to speak, even before the product does that. Your clients will view...

Elegant packaging: an important branding & marketing tool
05 November 2019
Let your clients invest in YOUR packaging by making it a part of THEIR experience!