It starts with your WHY

If you want to restyle your brand or start with the style of your brand, I will start with your WHY!


WHY do you do what you do?


‘Everyone knows WHAT they do, but few know WHY they do it. People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.’ - Simon Sinek (you have to see his TED Talk about this topic!)


Without your WHY, nothing else matters. When you understand your WHY, the WHAT, WHO and HOW are much easier to see and execute. The WHY helps you to get clarity in your brand!


Investing in getting clear on your brand is one of the best things you can do for your brand. The WHY has an effect on your brand messaging, brand values, brand voice, brand attributes and it will connect you with your ideal client.



This is about the authenticity and the drive that keeps you going when things get tough. ‘What’s important to you about the way you run your business?’, What matters in terms of how you treat your clients and suppliers?’




My WHY is that I believe I add intention, authenticity and elegance to your brand so you can attract your ideal client, create an indelible client experience and distinguish your brand from other brands in your field.


Do you know your WHY, and do you have it written down somewhere, to remind you when you need to? Or better: can I read it on your website?


If you’re struggling with your WHY, please send me an email with the link below, so I can help you with your Brand Clarity & Brand Styling so you will regain your focus, elevate your brand and attract your ideal clients!


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