5 Tips how Bespoke Packaging will add Value to your Work

A bespoke packaging…


… pave the way for memorable unboxing moments

… create an excellent first impression of your brand

… communicate your ethos and value proposition

… encourage customers to talk up your brand and products


...all of which can ultimately lead to stronger customer relationships, higher levels of engagement, and more sales.


Tip 1 Create a great first impression


Packaging allows your work or service to speak, even before the product does that. Your clients will view packaging as a part of the experience.


A crowded marketplace filled with a barrage of product messaging is confusing, but a unique first impression can make your work or service stand out among the noise. We’re visual by nature, so we store information as we see it. That’s why attractive packaging not only attracts attention but it also retains it.



Tip 2 Give them something to remember


Unique packaging makes your shipments more memorable, which can help keep your brand top-of-mind for future purchase decisions.


Custom packaging can be a great way to spread the word about your products on social media. Instagram is filled with creative packaging photos. Create hashtags for your brand, then share pictures of excited clients posing with your beautiful packaging.


After a positive unboxing experience, your clients are more likely to return or tell their friends and family about their experience with your product or service. It helps to both gain new clients and cherish the relationship with the current.



Tip 3 Personalisation is key


Personalisation is so important at this moment. Multiple studies have shown that clients love tailored products and experience. So, it stands to reason that your packaging should also play a role in your personalisation efforts.


Depending on your product or service, it may be a good idea to include your client’s names on your product packaging.


At PEONY your products can be personalised with your name or logo by foil press or printing on linen, velvet or vellum.



Tip 4 Increase perceived value of a product and create better loyalty and customer experience


Custom product packaging brings BIG value. Investing in custom packaging shows clients that you value your experience and work.


When it comes to brand loyalty, many clients say that when a product comes in premium packaging, it reinforces their confidence in the amount spent. That’s a win because that involves less buyer’s remorse means that these clients are more likely to purchase from you again and recommend your product or service to others.



Tip 5 Pay Attention to Sustainability


Sustainability is more than just a trend — it’s a way of life. And clients are increasingly changing their lifestyles by aligning themselves with companies that demonstrate their commitment to society and the planet.


One way you could show your clients that you care about the environment is through the use of sustainable packaging.


At PEONY all products are made with respect for our planet. I work with FSC-certified suppliers, use water-based glue, separate waste and recycle materials and packages. A lot of packages leave the studio, so that's why I contribute to planting trees every year to reduce the 'carbon footprint' and increase the sustainability of the studio.

Do you want to know more about a custom packaging for your business, please send me an email for more information.

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