dedicated to designing and handcrafting custom boxes, folios & accessories

D e s i g n s

Designed and handcrafted custom boxes and folios.


c o l l e c t i o n s

Designed and handcrafted collections for jewelry, photography, calligraphy & invitations, weddings and workspaces.



Online creative classes how to make your own box or folio.

Launch September 2021.


A B O U T  t h e  a t e l i e r

Thank you for your interest in my atelier!

I design and make all products by hand with traditional techniques and with attention to detail. The finest quality boxes, folios and accessories for special occasions, presentations or posterity.

I work for photographers, artists, designers and many more creative individuals to craft their custom designs.

All products are made with love for our planet: I work with FSC-certified suppliers, use water-based glue, separate waste and recycle materials and packages. A lot of packages leave the atelier, so that's why I contribute to planting trees every year to reduce the 'carbon footprint' and increase the sustainability of the atelier.

If you have a question about my work, or if you want my advice for a custom design, please send me a message!



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K I N D  W O R D S












The boxes are beautiful!

I love the personalization with the names.

These boxes add more value to my work.

- Alexandra Vonk, Fine Art Photographer -









The boxes are SO GORGEOUS. I'm so in love with them!

You did such an amazing job. Love the pristine edges,

the fabric quality, everything is perfect.

My jewelry pieces already look so much more elevated with your packaging. I can't wait to have them in my shop.

I can't say thank you enough! 

- Eunice, Jewelry Designer -